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Jim Luttrell
I have been a satisfied customer of Prairie View Industries for 7 years and have purchased various types of ramps from lawn mower ramps to 8 foot fold up van ramps for my son's wheelchair. These ramps are designed for maximum safety, flexibility and seem to last forever. I still have the first set I bought and they function just as well today as they did the first day. You may buy cheaper ramps but I can tell you from experience that those ramps will be imitations. PVI ramps dollar for dollar, job to job will outperform and out last any cheap alternative. As for customer service I am surprised at how prompt, professional and always helpful they are. It doesn't matter what the problem is whether it's sales, shipping or engineering PVI staff go above and beyond expectations to solve problems even when it's not their responsibility. If you need ramps PVI will help you decide what you need, then meet that need with the best product and customer service available.
R Clemons


Ramp Works perfectly - Great design and workmanship. " I was going to make a ramp of 3/4" plywood for my wife who is wheelchair bound. She saw your ramps in a catalog, and urged me to buy one. It works perfectly, My wife, my back, and I, thank you."
Greg Licht

Exmark Mfg. Co.

As we continue with our Lean implementation we needed a way to deliver product to the assembly line in a single piece flow. PVI helped us solve the problem by taking one of their standard products and customizing it to meet our specific needs. This allows us more flexibility so we can produce any model anytime to meet the customers demand.
Keith Davenport

Superior Mobility

After being in the DME and Rehab Technology industry for over 10 years, I have found that PVI has been a very essential part to providing independence and mobility for our consumers. Other companies have been put to the test but none compared or equaled to PVI. From the very involved modular ramps to the simplest threshold ramps PVI has fit the bill. The ongoing relationship between their tech support and us has been nothing short of excellent. They are a great company to work with and we will continue to use PVI in all future ramp needs and recommend them to anyone with ramp needs.
James Bradley
This is a really nice ramp, easy to assemble and install and very well made. It's nice to know that my wife's parents can now easily access their home without the difficulty of going up steps.
George Yankopoulos

Pet Classics LLC

As a manufacturer and online retailer of high-end indoor pet ramps, we wanted to complement our products with an outdoor style dog ramp. We only offer quality products, therefore ordered and tested a number of ramps designed for dogs. PVI Ramps by far was the sturdiest and strongest of all, many of the others were so unstable we could not offer those to our customers. Years later, even with additional new dog ramp products now available, PVI Dog Ramps are still the sturdiest available pet ramps.

Owner, John's Pizza Café
St. Paul MN

PVI builds the finest restaurant equipment available today. Our custom stainless prep tables, hot shelf pickup and delivery station, mobile pizza racks and nesting dunnage racks all save us time and money.

Food Service Manager, Freestate School
Lawrence KS

PVI shelving and dunnage racks work great in our freezers to hold the loads we demand. They are easy to clean and adjust to fit our needs.